karate for Beginers and advanced members  in Cape Town

Benefits of Karate. Men and Women

  • We are Beginner Friendly
  • Health and Fitness classes
  • Mobility improvement
  • Confidence booster and self Esteem
  • Self Defense and MMA
  • Self Awareness
  • Co-ordination improvement
  • Memory improvement
  • Leadership stills
  • Changes and SAVES lives

 Call  0828762516 or email peter.renshi@seiwakai.co.za


KARATE classes for Adults

Beginner Friendly for All Ages ..                                     A TRAINED STUDENT IS A SAFER STUDENT..                                                                                                   Each class teaches you awareness, fitness, and what you are capable of doing when needed. Japanese Goju Ryu covers all aspects 

Classes are three times a Week ...                             Class days are Wednesday @ 7.15pm  -                 Friday @ 7pm                                                          Sunday morning @ 9am ..                                          Cost is R400pm - NO contracts

Instruction by Peter Klipfel 7th Dan Kyoshi ... now 55 years in karate and teaching champions since 1982 in Cape Town  .


Seiwakai  karate is  a top class training centre  - TableView
Traditional Japanese dojo in TableView Cape Town

Safe Private home Dojo -

A dojo where you can train in the way of Japanese Goju Ryu as well as stay in shape with fitness and endurance classes.

All aimed at making you feel safe and better about yourself ...Central to Milnerton , Blouberg, Sunningdale, Tableview  and Parklands. If it is traditional karate classes you are looking for then you have landed on the right website.

Membership fee structure

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