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     Welcome to Goju Ryu Seiwa Kai  Classes in Tableview Cape Town

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karate Tableview  Cape Town

We adhere to traditional values and the ways passed down though senior instructors and pioneers  Gogen Yamaguchi and Shuji Tasaki of JAPAN

SPORT  and  TRADITIONAL  karate training for male and female.... Classes for 16 years and up to 60 

  • Karate Japanese Goju Ryu ...
  • Self Defense / Groundwork
  • Kata / Bunkai / Kata Application of Techniques in karate
  • Body Strengthening / Conditioning
  • Mental conditioning
  • Feel more confident in yourself
  • Weight loss and toning and Meal plans
  • WKF Sport karate training -- Teens and Adults

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sport karate training WKF in Tableview with Peter Klipfel
wkf karate training in Table view Cape town with Peter Shihan

Peter Klipfel  6th Dan  Renshi Shihan  - Teaching since 1982 -  Producer of National and world sport all style  champions , now based in Tableview Cape Town ..  

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