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karate classes for men and women in Tableview Cape Town

You are never to old to start karate training -  Its not just physical -  Enjoy the mental discipline, the new friends and the ART of mastering Japanese GOJU RYU  techniques  amongst great karate ka, right here in Tableview

Call 082 876 2516 -- and join up for 2020 Learn what was handed down from the old masters in a friendly environment and a private home studio in Tableview - Parklands Cape Town. EMAIL link

Your instructor is PETER KLIPFEL 7th Dan

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Karate classes in Tableview and Parklands Cape Town

How to Join our Dojo

Why we do not take away grades if you join Seiwa Kai

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Teaching karate since 1982 -  Producer of National and world sport all style  champions , now based in Tableview Cape Town ..            Join the class and see the difference -

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