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Seiwa kai  Goju Ryu Cape Town - Tableview
karate classes for men and women in Tableview Cape Town

Traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Classes starting soon in Tableview Cape Town with Peter Klipfel Shihan 6th Dan Seiwa Kai and 5th Dan JKF Gojukai .Call 0828762516 or E-mail ..                                              Classes will initially be aimed at adults only and Black belts that want specialized training in a Friendly private home studio situated at 59 Erica Road Tableview Cape town  .

  • Karate
  • Self Defense
  • Kata / Bunkai / Kata Application
  • Body Strengthening / Conditioning
  • Mental conditioning
  • Feel more confident in yourself
  • Lose weight and tone up

Classes are aimed at physical fitness and conditioning of Mind and body --  Its about becoming more confident in your ability to handle situation and every day life without stress ..  This time we will aim at the perfection of techniques , bunkai and kata 


adult karate classes Tableview
Peter Klipfel Shihan 6th Dan Seiwa Kai Goju Ryu
Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi  Seiwa Kai

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