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Peter Klipfel  - Shihan 7th Dan Seiwakai / 5th Dan JKF Gojukai

Started with Judo in 1969 - 1974 / Black Belt/ Natal colours      Started with karate in 1972 with the JKA natal / Rob Ferreir       Started Goju Ryu in 1977 / Cape Town /  Harry Pieterkosky       Started Gojukai  in 1982  with Peter Brandon  Hanshi               Started Seiwa Kai in 2000 with Ben Mare 7th Dan .

Originally started off training children and adults but now will concentrate only on adults for karate over 15 years and strictly traditional Goju Ryu training with sound basics

I had my fair share of Sport karate and training of good sport karate ka .. However I have decided to opt away from that scenario and stay true to the original hombu training of body and mind

Call  0828762516 for more information

Email peterklipfel@seiwakai.co.za


Now returning to the teaching field and this time round better equipped in developing the body and mind ..

Seeking only to train adults in the traditional art of Goju Ryu , perfecting the techniques and strengthening the body through correct exercise , ensuring that you will be able to continue your karate way into the 80,s 

Classes are for male and female ... Classes will be small so that one on one training can be done

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Peter Klipfel Shihan - 6th Dan Goju ryu Seiwakai

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