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     Welcome to Goju Ryu Seiwa Kai  Classes in Tableview Cape Town

                     Women in karate Today

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Teenagers and karate Tableview

Today karate is drawing more and more ladies to the Art ..  From a young age they flock to good reputable Dojo,s around the world and Tableview Seiwa Kai is no exception ..

The young ladies not only do the traditional side of karate , but also get involved on Sport karate ... The older ladies and those not interested in sport karate , concentrate on the Basics , Kata , Kihon , Bunkai  and dojo kumite

The aim of the Tableview Seiwa Kai  karate club is to instill members in sound basics and body conditioning ... Its no use doing pretty karate and when the day comes you cannot use what you were taught .. The techniques are fun to learn and apply

I will over the years mould these ladies and gents into something that we can be proud of .. They will not only be able to defend themselves but also undergo toning , conditioning ,  mental awareness and reflexes training to make them a all round better citizen ..

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Karate classes for ladies now in Tableview Cape Town .. Grow in the Goju Ryu System with Peter Klipfel 6th Dan Renshi Shihan..

Call  0828762516 and start your karate career NOW ...

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