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             The Syllabus of Seiwa Kai Goju Ryu Cape Town

Every karate organization has a Syllabus to test the students at every level from White belt to 7th Dan .. Seiwa Kai is no different ...  The students will be put through a test to determine whether they are fit to move onto the next level ..

More important is Black Belts -- In Seiwa Kai they will be scrutinized on every possible movement to ensure that they have learnt the correct application and are at the correct fitness level to be awarded such a high rank ..

More important is that they will be of such a standard that no matter where they go in the world they will be a attribute to the excellent standard of Goju Ryu Seiwa Kai ..

Training methods - See More

Grading syllabus will cover

1.  Kihon  / Basics

2.  Kihon Kumite  // Basic applications

3.  Kata

4.  Bunkai  / Application to the kata

5.  Dojo Kumite

Most important will be the the Kata and the way it is performed ...  Then the application of the basics / kihon and Kihon Kumite 


Gekki Sai Dai Ich

Gekki Sai Dai Ni









Kata used for Basic training Balance and direction

Taikyoku Kata -

Goju-Ryu Kata - Taikyoku Gedan - First Cause Lower Level
Goju-Ryu Kata - Taikyoku Chudan - First Cause Middle Level
Goju-Ryu Kata - Taikyoku Jodan - First Cause Upper Level
Goju-Ryu Kata - Taikyoku Kake Uke - First Cause Hooking Block
Goju-Ryu Kata - Taikyoku Mawashi Uke - First Cause Roundhouse Block


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