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Lifestyle and your Health

This Website is all about how we can be enacting healthy living. Have you ever truly pondered over the term ‘healthy living’? Really what is it? Is it about following the latest health trends? One month is it meats are OUT or let’s take up Pilates. There is much more to healthy living.

Common sense should dictate our standards of health. Does healthy living have to be the usual predictable schedule? Healthy living must be stimulating. Our noses, eyes and ears are receptors to fit into our environment. To enjoy nourishment and exercise, it helps to have appetizing foods and to participate in an enjoyable favorite physical sport or activity. We match what our taste buds like to the foods we select. That is all normal. We can train our taste buds from the earliest years of childhood.

Even in adulthood if we gradually cut back on free sugar and salt with time our cravings subsides. In fact what was not considered very sweet before can be sickly sweet after reducing sugar intakes. There are numerous congregations of health fads out there. Some people can be misinformed and be leading a presumably healthy lifestyle. With the right knowledge and taking in your individual preferences and needs your ideal healthy lifestyle can be quiet different to another one.



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