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karate classes for men and women in Tableview Cape Town

           How to Join the karate classes in Tableview

We welcome both male and female to join our association. We also accept ranks / grades  from other karate styles and will NOT demote you but rather keep you training until you are ready to move to the next grade or Dan rank  ..

If you have a passion to be with a friendly group of people where there are no aires and graces and no competition , but rather a group that wishes to help one another to progress in Japanese Goju Ryu , then Seiwa Kai  Tableview is that place ..

You will under go karate training as well as  physical body training to keep you healthy and in shape ... This will make you the practitioner feel better about your self and your training ..

Karate is not hard to do if you have a good instructor that gives sound instruction - so even if you have a injury or handicap - that should not stop you from training 

Join today  - and be the difference

how to join a karate class in Tableview Cape town

Although our main aim is Traditional karate , so that you can continue till age 80 ... We also apply sport karate training , should the student feel like competing in the WKF tournaments like our own KSA and uni-city tournaments  ...

Call  0828762516  or email me and find out more on how to get started in karate

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